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Robby menard

Loic Huntzinger

High performance coach & hitting partner

Born in France near Strasbourg, I started playing tennis at the age of 3. Afterward, I maintained a top 45 ranking in my age group until I was 16. I participated in several famous tournaments (Petits As, Tim 91, OUATT, etc). The desire to start teaching came to me because of my coach, I saw in him the person I would like to be in the future. An altruistic person and close to others, who transmits his passion. Since 2015, I am a full-time tennis instructor, I have organized several trips across the country to take players to tournaments, and I coached a girl who was in the top 10 in France for her age group for 2 years. I have also been the hitting partner of Myrtilles Georges (French #10, 2nd round at Roland Garros) and several French numbered players. Tennis is a passion for me, not a job. Passing on my knowledge and learning new ones is what motivates me every day!

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