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Robby menard

ManOa Laperriere

Instructor - Tennis for life for juniors

I have been taking part in tennis tournaments for ten years now, and was lucky enough to train and compete in Europe for two years. I enjoy listening to and learning from others, and look forward to sharing the knowledge I've accumulated over the years.

·         Link to pay for a package of 10 lessons : 613.8$ 

·         Link to pay for a package of 5 lessons : 323.95$ 

·         Link to pay for a private lesson : 68.2$

·         Link to pay for a semi-private lesson : 79.2$

·         Link to pay for a lesson of three people : 90.2$

·         Link to pay for a lesson of four people : 101.2$

*The payment must be made before your lesson and you must show the proof to the coach. We will be in charge of reserving the court for you. Before purchasing a 10 lesson package, please email the coach so we can guarantee their availability for all 10 lessons.

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