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Marc Hackenjos

Instructor - Tennis for life for juniors

Currently a Tennis Canada Level 1 coach, I've developed a passion for Tennis since watching my first Wimbledon tournament. Today I'm proud to say I've passed on this passion to my daughter who's climbing the competitive ranks and is amongst the top 15 best ranked female players in Quebec.

·         Link to pay for a package of 10 lessons : 613.8$ 

·         Link to pay for a package of 5 lessons : 323.95$ 

·         Link to pay for a private lesson : 68.2$

·         Link to pay for a semi-private lesson : 79.2$

·         Link to pay for a lesson of three people : 90.2$

·         Link to pay for a lesson of four people : 101.2$

*The payment must be made before your lesson and you must show the proof to the coach. We will be in charge of reserving the court for you. Before purchasing a 10 lesson package, please email the coach so we can guarantee their availability for all 10 lessons.

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