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Robby menard

roger hernandez pena

director of operations
Tennis Canada Level 2 
Pro club 3

Roger, a former Top 10 ranked player in Canada has developed a passion for coaching and knows that adapting to individual needs is very important. He likes to challenge himself to always support and motivate them to achieve their goals. Amongst his athletes, he currently has one provincial champion, Miko Lapalme and he contemplates having many more. As a player, he knows how much his coach has a positive impact on his performance and he seeks to have the same effect with his students. Having completed his Tennis Serve Specialist Certification issued by the Mark Kovacs Institute, he is our expert when it comes to teaching the serve.

Assets :

  • Devoted

  • Patient

  • Determined

  • Ambitious

In order to book a private lesson with Roger Hernandez Pena you must contact him by email:

*The payment must be made before your lesson and you must show the proof to the coach. We will be in charge of reserving the court for you. Before purchasing a 10 lesson package, please email the coach so we can guarantee their availability for all 10 lessons.

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